Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Where was Christ this past Easter??-Contraversial Post

here was Christ this Past Easter? Why would Bush allow this??
Warning: Controversial Post

I would like to know where Christ was this past Easter at the White House? It discusts me that Christian schools are closing, the ten commandments are being removed from national monuments, prayer has been removed from schools....and now...a gathering at the White House that claims to be about "Easter" has nothing to do with Christ or God. This gathering was

Well, that should not be too surprising, however it is nothing short of disgusting. In fact, Laura Bush is the one who supports this, and it makes no sense. I thought the Bush family going to not support homosexuality which is considered a sin? What is this world coming to? What is our country coming to?

God loves everybody, but he dissapproves of people's actions. That is not to say everyone is perfect. However, there has to be a line that is drawn. If someone wants to practice homosexuality on their own time that is fine. However, for someone who claims to support Christianity and God there seems to be quite a bit of laziness on the part of George Bush.

About the Meaning of the Word "Easter": The word "Easter" was derived from the goddes ishtar.

About the Origin of Easter Eggs: Easter Eggs are used in pagan celebrations. It has nothing to do with the celebration of Christ's resurrection.

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