Friday, February 20, 2009

About Ms. Clinton's Speech in China! So, she's buddy-buddy w/China eh? (Oh Grrreeat!)

I just heard about Ms. Clinton's speed in China. So, I hear she doesn't really care about human rights does she. If you do not believe me just listen to recordings and videos of what she is quoted as saying. Okay, so I do know that the media does distort things quite a bit. That is why I write these purely subjective blogs while I still have my freedom of speech.
All I can say is how can America trust an ex-presidents wife who is buddy-buddy right now with one of the biggest communist nations in the world? She cares more about relations between American and China than she does about people getting internal organs removed if they "disobey" Chinese leadership and such.
What is more sickening than that right now? I have no idea. I am just venting while I still have the free right to do so.

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