Thursday, August 13, 2009

As Promised, Further Comments Regarding the "Swastica" Incident

As promised, am making further comment about the Swastica story. Late yesterday I read online that outbreaks against national health care were happening all across the country. I also was informed that David Scott's Congressional suite sign was vandalized and nothing other than the famous " " sign was spray-painted on it graffiti style. (See Pic at

This should not have to happen. However, the unfortunate truth is that it seems like something evil like this has to take place before America wakes up.

I also watched a news report a few days ago and a lady, 35 years old, who originally was not big into politics was caught on camera speaking her mind on national television. She was expressing how angry she was and she does not want our country to turn into Russian or an other country that currently is run by a socialist government.

I think personally it's time for people to read 1984, and I am going to comment on that somewhere on the Internet as well. It really is time for people to read that book by George Orwell, so pull it out of your attics.

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