Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Beginning of the End for America? "Lawmakers Resume Budget Battle Amid Shutdown"

This is my commentary on Lawmakers Resume Budget Battle Amid Shutdown - WSJ.com:

Is This the Beginning of the End of America?

I'm not sure if this is the end of the world or not, but I do wonder if this is the beginning of the end of America as we know it. I know we've had many false alarms over the past two decades as far as whether or not the United States will become a socialist nation, but this could be it. 

I've never seen this country in such disarray since I was a child. Lack of respect for authority, more sexual behaviors being tolerated than ever before, decreased regard for morality and now endless spending problems in government. 

I feel like Obama is taking advantage of his power and I want him out now. 

Am I just Shooting the Messenger?

Some people might say I'm being quite hard on Obama right now. However, I can't help but wonder if Congress as well as the president is allowing this all to happen to divert attention from the real issues. I fear for corruption of power in high places. 

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